Water Heater Repair Services for Great Falls, VA

Herndon Plumbing & Heating Inc. has a staff of trained and certified technicians to serve you in the Great Falls, VA area and nearby neighborhoods. If your water heater is on the fritz, call a specialist to determine the cause of the problem. We install new water heaters and make efficient, reliable repairs to the one you already have. Stay on top of the necessary repair maintenance work and your water heater will be sure to last you a long time.

Even with regular use, water heaters typically need occasional upkeep to ensure they’re working properly. This is important considering a household relies on hot water for so many day-to-day needs. If you feel that your hot water often runs cold, it can become a major inconvenience and one that you should take care of right away. Call a licensed technician when you notice there is a strange color, odor, or noise coming from your water heater.

Our technicians are trained to spot signs of deterioration and corrosion in your water heater. Most of the time they are able to determine the issue and quickly repair it without any hassles. There are times when just turning on the pilot light or cleaning up sediment that can sometimes build up is enough to solve the problem. Otherwise, we can help with further labor such as installing a new pipe, tightening a loose valve, or securing the units with seismic straps.

If a water heater isn’t repaired in time, it could develop into a bigger nuisance. In which case, a technician could attempt to save it or help you replace it. We have experience installing water heaters of different sizes, for most brands and models. No job is beyond our expertise, as we’ve been certified to repair gas, electric, and propane water heaters.

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The next time you experience lukewarm water and observe unusual behavior from your water heater, you know who to count on. Herndon Plumbing & Heating Inc. is fully prepared to assist you in all your water heater needs. With over 50 years experience, we have the knowledge to successfully install and repair your water heater today. Call us at 571-278-6636 for a quote and an appointment.


Valuable Advice

Herndon Plumbing visited us today to fix our broken heat pump. While he was here he gave us valuable advice on the maintenance of the unit. Herndon Plumbing is brilliant in many areas and a good ambassador for your company. There is no one else we would call if problems arise in the future. We would be glad to give customer references.

Happy Customer

Fabulous! We love it!

Our new tankless water heater is fabulous! We love it! We get hot water when we want and we can use as much as we want. It takes up so much less space than the tank, we will get federal and state rebates, and we won't have to replace the whole thing in 10 years. So, what's not to like? Thanks, Herndon Plumbing!

Scott & Charlotte Knoke

Genius Plumber

I had kitchen drain backed up with an ugly grey sludge that could not be snaked out. Jon used a pressure washer down the vent to power the clog away. Now for the first time in 16 years living in the house, the drain flows open and makes the appropriate gurgling sounds.

Ken Rush

Wonderful Service

Wonderful and prompt service! Highly recommended if you have plumbing needs in this area.

Jasmine Chong

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